Tile floors make for a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens and other parts of the house that often get wet. Besides their exceptional beauty and versatility, they have an extra advantage in that they require very little maintenance. Their resiliency and durability is unequaled by almost all other flooring options. Though they are very easy to maintain, a few steps must be taken to ensure that they remain in perfect condition and looking new for years. Below are the best tips I gathered from here, which can be employed with ease:

Sweep or Vacuum The Floor Daily

This gets rid of food crumbs, loose dirt and any other debris that accumulates on your tile floor. Do not allow dirt to sit in wet areas because it quickly turns into hard to remove grime. Tiled floors should be swept or vacuumed before the actual mopping or cleaning. One you are done with the sweeping or vacuuming, run a dry dust mop over it.

Mop With Warm Water

If the tile floor does not have very heavy stains, just running a damp mop over it will be enough to keep it clean. Clean the damp mop in warm water once you are done mopping one area of the room. Cleanse the damp mop for all other sections until the whole floor is mopped.

Dry The Floor

Whether you clean the tile using just water or with water containing detergents, make sure to run a dry mop over it once you are done mopping. This a step is especially important because it prevents new dirt from speedily accumulating and tarnishing the grout.

Clean Dirtier Spills With Disinfectant

For very dirty spills such as blood stains from a minor accident, spray disinfectant over the spot of the stain and wipe it up immediately. Try as much as possible to limit the disinfectant to the exact spot where the spill took place. This is due to the fact that some powerful chemicals could stain or degrade the tile floor.

Wipe up Spills Immediately

To avoid having to spend hours down on your knees scrubbing off dirt and stains, ensure spills are wiped as soon as they occur. This could be made a lot easier by using an absorbent piece of cloth.

Use a Doormat

Putting a doormat both inside and outside your house can eliminate tracking mud or water onto the floor. This tip is particularly important during periods of snow or rain.

Use The Right Cleaner

For very heavy spills or excessive dirt, you need to acquire the right cleanser for your tile floor. This will however vary from one type of floor to another

  • Most ceramic tiles can be cleaned using just a damp mop though dirty grout requires addition of two spoons of rubbing-alcohol to every gallon of water used. Wipe off all excess water to prevent saturation of the grout.
  • For vinyl tiles, mop the tile floor using 1 cup of vinegar for every gallon of mop water.
  • For marble tiles, you must to be very cautious. Rubbing-alcohol, vinegar and most store bought cleansers could destroy your floor tiles. The best way to go about their cleaning is by adding a little mild soap to the mop water. Once you are done mopping, do it again this time with plain water to remove any soap traces.

With proper and regular cleaning, your tile floor will look as beautiful as they last. With the plethora of cleaning tips available from frequent sweeping to using the right cleanser, you don’t need to wax! Just follow the above listed tips and you will keep them looking their best.