According to the US Veterinary Medical Association, 36.5{b81f123f9408a521ec600b9196d271cf886adfba479863dfdcaae51de44266d1} of American families own dogs and 30.4{b81f123f9408a521ec600b9196d271cf886adfba479863dfdcaae51de44266d1} of American households own cats. Pets shed hair, dander and other allergens that can wreak havoc on the health of humans. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology tells us that an estimated 10{b81f123f9408a521ec600b9196d271cf886adfba479863dfdcaae51de44266d1} of Americans have an allergy to animals while 20-30{b81f123f9408a521ec600b9196d271cf886adfba479863dfdcaae51de44266d1} of individuals suffering from asthma also have pet allergy symptoms.

It’s imperative to keep homes clean in order to avoid an amalgam of related health issues associated with the accumulation of pet by-products. The best way to clean up pet hair, dander, skin flakes and other allergens is to use a pet hair vacuum.

Pet hair attachments are designed with a few unique features:

  • There must be some sort of oscillating comb with teeth long enough to grab hair but soft enough not to damage delicate carpet and furniture fibers.
  • The seals around the machine’s edges and attachment mechanisms must be very tight in order to create enough suction to pick up hair, dander, dirt and other substances. Sub-standard engineering produces attachments where vacuum seals are weak, so be aware of this fact while shopping.
  • The attachment must be able to be cleaned easily and repaired quickly and simply. Most attachments run into trouble, such as clogs, no matter how well they are designed. Troubleshooting is usually very simple when parts are accessible via a window or door of sorts. Look for attachments with removable panels that enable easy belt changes and clog removal without completely tearing apart and reassembling the device.

There are a number of vacuum attachments specifically engineered to pick up pet hair that don’t cost you a fortune. The following attachments can be found in most big box stores and are very affordable and effective:

Eureka Power Paw

This universal attachment is compatible with most popular vacuum brands in the United States. Its design enables users to more easily access hard-to-reach areas where pet hair and dander naturally accumulate, including underneath furniture and on carpeted stair cases. The suction is powerful and the attachment includes several rows of teeth, making it easier to deeply clean carpets and upholstery.

BISSELL Pet Hair Vacuum Tool Set

This set includes two separate attachments appropriate for different circumstances. These attachments are very unique compared to most other brands because the heads are flexible. These flexible heads enable us to reach very tight corners, curves and cracks where other attachments fail. One of these pet hair attachments has oscillating combs that picks up hair while the other has immobile, low-profile teeth that is great for picking up dander and dirt in fabrics. The set of two is also very affordable.

The Dyson Groom Tool

This vacuum attachment stops problems before they start if used properly. The groom tool is engineered to be used as an actual grooming brush for dogs. The attachments removes loose hair from the animal without causing any discomfort. Grooming is performed faster and with few strokes. Hair is sucked directly into the vacuum canister so that the home stays clean and mostly free from pet hair. Dyson attachments are pricier than other brands, but their designs are superior and long-lasting.

With these three options, every home can stay cleaner with less effort. Allergens are reduced, the air is cleaner and home owners are happier. Keep in mind that the best and most affordable vacuum attachment really depends upon your specific needs. Compare these models and find what’s best for you and your home. If your situation involves something other than pet hair, like pet urine stains, check out for home remedies to get rid of pet urine smell from hardwood. As a final note, handheld vacuums are great for dealing with small messes, but when it comes to pesky/stubborn animal hair, you’ll want to steer clear of them.